Waterdeep: Dragon Heist - Episode 1

March 11, 2019
Spoilers for the Waterdeep: Dragon Heist module. Set in the sprawling, cosmopolitan, deep water port of Waterdeep, Dragon Heist pits our plucky band of adventurers against rival gangs, immortal wizards, wealthy socialites and legendary mercenary scoundrels in a race against time to find the horde of gold dragons hidden beneath the city. Having just finished Chapter 1 in which they rescued Floon Blagmar from the midst of a gang war and were rewarded for their ef...
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Delta Green - Episode 4: "Reverberations" (Part 2)

March 09, 2019
Working Group JACKDAW begins its investigation into the return of a hallucinogen known as "Reverb."  Their mission: determine whether or not the drug has any unnatural effects, identify the source, and cut off the supply.  What started off...
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Delta Green - Episode 3: "Sweetness" (Part 3) and "Reverberations" (Part 1)

March 03, 2019
The men and women of Working Group JACKDAW conclude their investigation into Sarah Garrison and the disturbing events targeting the Bernier family.  After some much needed downtime, they receive their next tasking: investigative...
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Delta Green - Episode 2: "Sweetness" (Part 2)

January 22, 2019
The agents of Working Group JACKDAW continue their investigation into the unsettling...and potent...
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Delta Green - Episode 1: "Sweetness" (Part 1)

January 08, 2019
Black Project Gaming's debut episode! Join us as we dive into "Sweetness," a sc...
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